Termos de serviço



By registering, the USER WILL BE DECLARING TO HAVE READ AND ACCEPTED FULLY, WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION, THIS AGREEMENT and TERM OF USE that presents the "General Conditions" applicable to the use of the services offered by  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER that provides an interactive service to provide services on the internet, providing a virtual platform, leasing virtual spaces and hosting content provided by third parties. TOTAL CENTER OFFERS  is a service that provides tools for virtual stores to various entrepreneurs on the web, where visitors freely choose a store where they want to purchase products and services of interest to them. Therefore,  TOTAL CENTER OFFERSdoes not make sales, does not intermediate, does not offer its own products or services. The services provided are operated and managed by  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER on the world wide web (“Internet”), within the website  www.ofertastotalcenter.com and other formally affiliated platforms.




Any person, hereinafter referred to as “USER”, who intends to use the services of  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS must accept these Terms of Use, and all other policies and principles that govern them. ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF USE IS ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE TO USE THE PLATFORM AND ITS SERVICES.


The USER must read, make sure that he has understood and accept all the conditions established in the Terms of Use, as well as in the other documents incorporated therein by reference, before registering as a USER of  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER.




1.1 The services object of this Term of Use consist of making available to USERS, directly or indirectly registered in its system, a set of stores, business establishments, sellers and self-employed previously registered, which will use the  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER platform to make available goods, products and services owned by tenants to interested USERS.


1.2 The USER is responsible for filling in the personal data, making sure that their registration does not cause any damage or embarrassment to third parties.


1.3 After browsing the Virtual Store, the USER may purchase goods, products and services in the virtual establishments he finds, upon acceptance of the terms and conditions specified herein and payment of the remuneration established in each purchase, subject to the deadlines established in each operation defined by the seller. in question.


1.4 The delivery period of the products and/or services will be those contracted with the virtual store selling the product, at the time of closing the purchase.


1.5 The publication, acquisition and delivery of the product or service will take place according to the following steps:


  1. a) Publication of the Offer by the RTUAL STORE: The offer will be published on the platform offered by the  OFER TOTAL CENTER and will remain so during the period for VI the contracting party for the USER's choice.


  1. b)  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS does not guarantee the product or service and is not responsible for the delivery. TOTAL CENTER OFFERS  is not responsible for any inaccuracy, lack or extinction of stocks of the product chosen by the USER at the VIRTUAL STORE.


  1. c) Choice of product or service: The USER interested in purchasing a product or service may do so freely with the VIRTUAL STORE.


  1. d) Delivery of the Products and/or Services Offered: The USER is aware, and hereby declares to be in agreement, that any product and/or service offered by the VIRTUAL STORE on the platform is purchased directly from the VIRTUAL STORE and that the the latter is exclusively and entirely for the delivery, quality, quantity, status, existence, legitimacy and integrity of the products and/or services offered. The USER is aware that  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER does not own or own the products and/or services offered through the platform. When opting for a product and/or service through the platform, the USER declares to have adhered to the regulation and conditions of the VIRTUAL STORE offer and declares to know the conditions of use, payment, receipt and expiration date of his choice.




2.1  TOTAL CENTER'S OFFERS are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract them. They cannot be used by people who do not have this capacity, including minors, or people who have been temporarily or permanently disabled from the OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER .


2.2 It is also not allowed for the same person to have more than one registration as a consumer user, except for consumers who also have a VIRTUAL STORE. If  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER detects duplicate registrations, through the data verification system, it will definitively disable all registrations.




3.1 It will only be confirmed the registration of the interested party who fills in all the fields of the registration. The future USER must complete it with exact, accurate and true information, and assume the commitment to update personal data whenever there is any change in them.


3.2  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER is not responsible for the correction of personal data entered by its USERS. USERS guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of the personal data registered.


3.3  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER reserves the right to use all valid and possible means to identify its USERS, as well as to request additional data and documents that it deems relevant in order to verify the personal data provided.


3.4 If  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER decides to check the veracity of a USER's registration data and it is found that there are incorrect or untrue data among them, or even if the USER refuses or refuses to send the required documents,  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER  may block it for acquisition or choices of products or services, or even temporarily suspend or definitively cancel the USER's registration, without prejudice to other measures deemed necessary and opportune.


3.5 If any of the aforementioned sanctions are applied, the choices made will automatically be cancelled, and the USER will not, for that reason, receive any indemnity or reimbursement.


3.6 The USER will access his/her account through the user's name and/or email and password and undertakes not to inform third parties of this data, being fully responsible for the use made of them.


3.7 The USER undertakes to notify  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS immediately, and through secure means, regarding any unauthorized use of his account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to it. The USER will be solely responsible for the operations carried out on his account, since access to it will only be possible by entering the password, whose knowledge is exclusive to the USER.


3.8 Under no circumstances will the assignment, sale, rent or other form of transfer of the account be allowed under penalty of being canceled due to violations of the policies of  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER


3.9 The USER expressly accepts that  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER and/or any of its partners send the USER informative e-mail or SMS messages, referring to specific communications regarding the products and services made available or that may be made available on the platform. , as well as other messages of a commercial nature, such as offers from third parties affiliated with  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS and platform news. If the USER no longer wishes to receive such messages, he/she must request the cancellation of their sending on the platform itself.




4.1 Payments for purchases made by interested parties and contacts with USERS may be through outsourced companies, including the provision of a service by a company responsible for managing payments.


4.2  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS may not intervene in the results of the USER's relationship with the company responsible for managing payments, since the same manages its operations independently of  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS , leaving the company to limit or expand the possibilities of intervention that the  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS may exercise on such a relationship.


4.3  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS cannot guarantee in any way that the services provided by the company responsible for managing payments will function free of errors, interruptions, malfunctions, delays or other imperfections.


4.4  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER will not be responsible for the availability or otherwise of the Services provided by the company responsible for managing payments or for the impossibility of using the Service.




5.1  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS may change, at any time, this Term of Use, aiming at its improvement and improvement of the services provided. The new Term of Use will come into force as of its publication on the platform. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the publication of the changes, the USER must communicate by e-mail if he does not agree with the amended Terms of Use. In this case, the contractual relationship will cease to exist, as long as there are no open accounts or debts on behalf of the USER. If there is no manifestation within the Terms of Use and the contract will continue to bind the parties.


5.2 Changes will not take effect in relation to choices, commitments and acquisitions already initiated at the time the same changes are published. For these, the Term of Use will be valid with the previous wording.




6.1  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER will take all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security described in this clause, but will not be liable for any damage that may be derived from the violation of these measures by third parties who use public networks or the internet, subverting the systems security to access USER information.


6.2 It is inherent to the activity of  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER the connection and partnership with partner companies for the perfect provision of services. To this end,  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER may, at its sole discretion and convenience, share information about USERS and visitors to its website with its partners.


6.3 In case of doubts about the protection of personal data, or to obtain more information about personal data and the cases in which the secrecy mentioned in this clause may be broken, consult  [email protected]




7.1 USERS interested in participating in the services offered and announced by  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER  and its users must register, choose products and services and make the corresponding payments.


7.2 USERS after registering on the website, chosen VIRTUAL STORE, choosing and making payments for the products and services purchased, will undertake to collaborate so that the company  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER and the shopkeeper achieve their objective.


7.4  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER is not responsible for the tax obligations that fall on the activities of the USERS of the site, as well as on that of its Partners and Virtual Shopkeepers. As established by the relevant legislation in force, the consumer must demand an invoice from the Partner in their transactions.




8.1 It is not allowed to use any device, software, or other resource that may interfere with the activities and operations of  the TOTAL CENTER OFFERS as well as the publication of offers, products or services, descriptions, accounts or their databases. Any attempt to, or activity that violates or dictates the laws of property intrusion, rights and/or the copyright in these Terms of Use, will make the responsible for the relevant legal actions provided herein, being also responsible for the compensation for any damage caused.




9.1 Without prejudice to other measures,  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER may warn, suspend or cancel, temporarily or permanently, a USER's account at any time, and initiate the applicable legal actions if: a) the USER does not comply with any provision of this Term of Use; b) if you fail to comply with your USER duties; c) if you practice fraudulent or intentional acts; d) if the USER's identity cannot be verified or any information provided by the USER is incorrect; e) if  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER understands that the advertisements or any attitude of the USER have caused any damage to third parties or to  OFERTAS TOTAL CENTER itselfor have the potential to do so. In cases of disqualification of the USER's registration, all active Offer Acquisitions will be automatically cancelled. OFFERS  TOTAL CENTER reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to request the submission of personal documentation.




10.1  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS is not the owner of the products and/or services offered by Virtual Store Partners, does not retain ownership of them and does not make offers/sales on their behalf. Nor does it intervene in the delivery and/or use of products and/or services whose purchase takes place through the platform.


10.2  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER is not responsible, at the time of delivery and/or use, for the existence, quantity, quality, state, integrity or legitimacy of the products offered by the Partners and acquired by the USERS, as well as for the capacity to contract from the USERS or for the veracity of the personal data entered by them in their records.


10.3  TOTAL CENTER OFFERS will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the USERS. The USER and the USER's contacts acknowledge and accept that when opting and choosing the products and/or services of the Virtual Storekeepers, they do so at their own risk. In no case will OFERTAS   TOTAL CENTER be responsible for lost profits or any other damage and/or loss that the USER may suffer due to purchases made through the platform.


10.4  OFFERS TOTAL CENTER recommends that all transactions be carried out with caution and common sense. The USER and its contacts must weigh the risks of acquiring the products and services.


10.5 Considering also the impossibility of full and uninterrupted operation of any telecommunications or information technology system, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, in this fragile situation also including, due to its complexity, the availability of the services object of this Agreement, including due to the dependence on telecommunications services provided by third parties,    TOTAL CENTER OFFERS  does not guarantee, in any way, the provision of the service in an uninterrupted and/or error-free manner.

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